• Kristi Wyant

Alternate Physical Activities

Updated: Apr 15

Being “stuck” at your house can cause dramatic changes to your typical movement routine. It is important to keep active to help your physical health, but even more importantly: your MENTAL health! Of course walking/ running around your neighborhood is a good option as long as you are keeping your distance from other people. In case you are struggling in finding something to do, take a look at this list of videos below! Maybe you can find something that appeals to you!

Yoga at your desk

@ Home Crossfit Workout

Bicep muscle builder

Core exercises

Macarena push up

Planks for beginners

30 Easy push up variations

STAR WARS Jedi HIIT workout

UNO fitness challenge

Check out the diagrams below for exercise ideas you can do in your home environment. Be sure if you incorporate any of them you make safety a top priority. I would suggest doing an internet search on the exercises you want to add into your plan to study correct technique for the most fitness benefit.


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